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ok....well me and this guy have been goin out for over a month and hes my boyfriend and im his girlfriend...hes told me he loves me and ive told him the same...well im gunna meet up with him this saturday and i think hes gunna kiss me...i wannna kiss him but idk like how and when...ive NEVER kissed a guy b4 so im nervous and idk HOW to kiss someone.....what do i do? how do i do it..? i mean we WILL be alone, so no prob there i just idk!VERY FIRST KISS ADVICE?!?
little soft kisses are good to start, and if you need exact help there is a lot of info on the internet on how to kiss....french kissing and all that...look it up on one of the searches and you will find alot of good information to help you.(basically the most important thing is if you are both attracted to each other and like being around each other, liking each other really matters)VERY FIRST KISS ADVICE?!?
yeahh you cant practice for a kiss ? you juss go with the flow! thats how EVERYONES first kiss is. You'll automatically know wat to do when your kissing the guy.
Just go with it. You don't need to practice anything. You'll go along once you get there.

Good luck:)



First real kiss.. advice?

ok.. so im a freshmen in college. in my life.. i was very shy. wasnt good with girls. never had any luck. i was known as a shy guy. went to college. very outgoing. my best friends are girls. anyways, theres a girl i like, and she likes me. i have honestly never kissed a girl in a real way.. im concerned. i dont want to look like an idiot. does it naturally come as it happends? like locking lips and such..??? any advice? thanksFirst real kiss.. advice?
The trick is to not think about it and just let your emotions do the work. You are biologically programmed for it, so don't worry about it and take it slowly. Usually you would want to tilt your head to one side (opposite of the way the girl tilts, right side is fine), slowly close your eyes as you look into her eyes and are getting closer to her lips. Then you can just caress her lips with yours by putting her bottom lip between yours or you can have an open mouthed kiss and use some tongue. Softly holding her at the nape of the neck helps control the kiss better and if standing up, hold her from her back with your other hand. If you want to make the move, gently put your hand under her chin before kissing and bring her lips towards yours, this will tell you if she wants to because you can feel if she resists or moves in with it. Just keep it simple, fresh breath and moisturized lips are all you need.First real kiss.. advice?
firstly give er sensual pleasure by gently licking her collum and then go on to the faciesa with your tongue and approach the labia oris and carefully insert your lingua into her orifice. Lingure there for a number of seconds (prepared earlier) and swap mucus. Be careful not to swap too much or you may become doente. i hope this helps (i am an expert kisser so you should take my advice)
First of all, nothing will happen, you're clearly friendzoned.

Second, grab her **** and get your tongue as far down her throat as possible once the chance arises.

New years kiss advice?

so im spending new years with the girl i like.

its a longggg story i wont go into but she likes me back. but she has alot of issues and also wont risk ruining our friendship by being with me even though she admits to being attracted to me and really likes me. im the only girl she has ever liked. :( we hav kissed before a few times. but havnt in a while. (shes initiated all the other kisses)

ive never had a midnight kiss before and i want one xD and i want it to b her xD but i duno how to go about it.

should i just move in and kiss her. or should i ask her before? like jsut before? or the night before?

we will b at the park watching the firworks.

i just dont want her to freak out or move away and be like ';what are you doing';


what should i do?New years kiss advice?
OMG NO! do NOT ask! awww it'll be so romantic! when there like counting down the seconds to the knew year, after they say one, just look at her for a couple of seconds (in the eyes of course) then lean in so ur just barley touching her lips then give her a light pec on the lips and stay there then do it again with more passion and just start kissing her. it'll be fine, no one in their right mind would reject a kiss under those secomstances to the person there attrated too. maybe after the kiss hen everything has cooled down a bit you can talk to her etc etc. good luck!New years kiss advice?
Okay, I wouldn't want advice from a person like me.

Because like..I ask for all my kisses LOL!

But no, I think that maybe you should like, ask.

Like me. Lol, but seriously. Be like, ';Look, it's a kiss! See, it's be 1-2-3...And then poof, it's done!';

Or something witty like that. (That always gets 'em. ;D)

Meh, but yeah.

Or maybe you could just spur the moment and lean in.

Hell, it'll be awesome either way. :3
No, just do it! Asking is sooo awkward. Omg it'll be so romantic under the fireworks! I'm so excited for you!

Yeah there's the chance she'll reject it, but you've gotta take a chance or you'll wonder what could have been. If you two are good friends, she'll still be cool with you whether she accepts the kiss or not
Just do it. It shouldn't be a big deal. Kissing should not be that intimate for those comfortable with sexuality at all.
kiss her on the cheek first. it's a lot less threatening then you can read her reaction as to whether or not to go in for the lips
awwwwww...it's pretty romantic. You should try to move in and kiss her 'cause you have kissed her a few times before right?
wow ';WOW'; i dont no what you do

? umm

well to me i think you should ask her if you can kiss her !?
just do it. kiss her. you have nothing to lose.
Just do it. Don't ask.
well your the only girl shes ever liked???is she str8 or bi-curious....anyways just play around with it one day just mess with her and say im going to kiss you on {new years} are whatever and see what her reaction is ......if she didnt say anything she doesnt care so just kiss her romantically by surprise on {newyears}

ive done it before asked but in a playfull way just to see if they would like it or not if i did it
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  • First Kiss Advice!?!? Answer all part of the questions please!!!?

    Okay, so me and my girlfriend are both 13. we have been going out for about 3 weeks and i really want to kiss her. she wants me to too. when should i do it? we hang out together a lot at friends houses and she cuddles with me on the couch , i put my arm around her and she rests on my shoulder/chest and we will hold hands and she will hold onto my arm.I can tell she doesn't mind me getting close to her, she likes it too. We also go in to town together where everyone goes to chill. But its crowded there a lot sometimes. How should i approach her? just do the whole staring thing then go in for it?..what should i do after we kiss...how should i kiss her? like i know that im not gonna use the tongue...but yeah.......like..ive heard that you should go for one lip...but im not sure ...And im pretty sure she wants me to kiss her on the lips. like 95% sure..thanks . I know she is the one,

    I appreciate the help!

    P.S. Please No websites...it would help if you have actually had Alot of experience!First Kiss Advice!?!? Answer all part of the questions please!!!?
    yes close ur eyes, its a bit weird to have ur eyes open. do it somewhere alone, just the two of u, in ur room, in her room, on the couch with nobody around, just as long as u r alone, it makes it a lot nicer :) now afterwards, u dont have to do anything, just smile at her, hug her, hold her hand, whatever, u dont need to say anything so dont ruin the moment by saying something stupid lol. to start the kissing thing, try a really nice very sweet compliment and if she looks at u and smiles or whatever look into her eyes and lean in really slowly tilt ur head slightly, which ever way u want so u dont bump heads, and just kiss her. i know its really scary, but im gonna say this anyway, u will know what to do when the time comes, dont think about it too much ok? just let it happenFirst Kiss Advice!?!? Answer all part of the questions please!!!?
    First of all, i'd just like to say that it's good that you've found someone. Number two, if you really wana kiss her, then do it!You only have one life to live, so LIVE IT UP! Now, as in the place to do it, you should take her out to a movie or maybe just take her to your house or hers and just cuddle on the couch watching a movie. Watch her, and eventually she'll understand. Don't get frustrated if she doesn't understand immediately!!!My boyfriend had trouble getting it through my thick head. You should kiss her gently on the lips for the first time, and see how she reacts. Trust me, your instincts will be working from there on out. I think that it depends.(Closing your eyes question). My boyfriend did, and so yeah

    Um, if it's a brief kiss then no. Now, after that if you are kissing full on well, number one, make sure she's okay with that!!!!!!(You guys are still ULTRA young so don't worry if she wants to take it slow.)

    Good Luck,

    and if you need any help feel free to email me!!


    hold her gaze (maybe after you hug), dont say anything, just go in slowly so you dont bonk heads and give her a light peck on the lips

    and yes close your eyes, its not polite to stare
    I have had so many girls that are like oh I wish he kissed me. So maybe your gf is saying that behind your back and waiting for uou to do it to her. go for it buddy. if she says nop when tyou try to do it then it's ok you can try again in a month or so so that that she is confident in you. knows that she can trust you.
    Do it when you both feel comfortabe probally when you are cuddling and just look at her and make eye contact and just do it it will feel okward. Some time you will just cuddle more or you will start macking out just see what happnes. I would recomend not using toung but if you do just use the tip. Use breath mints. The one lip thing is normally correct. Go 4 it

    First kiss advice is needed.NOW!?

    ok so im in 5th grade -yea 5th-.thing is me and this really really REALLY hot girl and i are going out.so we were all talkin bout tomorrow moring, and well its going to be in a hall or sumthin.what i really need is advice on how to stay calm and smooth.and remember im only in 5th!First kiss advice is needed.NOW!?
    (this is from a previous answer that you gave me, so whoever reads this, I'm not answering to this question)

    You're a little kid, and you're a pervert, a real pervert.

    Effin ***.First kiss advice is needed.NOW!?
    if you're only in 5th grade then make it a small kiss
    take her clothes offf

    How to kiss/ First kiss advice?

    Okay. my sis ( lil) is having here 1st kiss. shes 13. and shes kisses a guy she really likes. and its her first time. she has NO CLUE how to kiss, and she is very nervous. she is gunnna kiss him on the 1st a may. and she is soooooo anxious. ANY HELP? How to kiss and advivce to be less nervous. PLESE %26amp; THANK YOU!How to kiss/ First kiss advice?
    i was all nervous too on my first kiss. but honestly whatever advice you get, youll forget it all when the time comes. its comes naturally honestly. dont think about it too much otherwise you'll get extremeley nervous! and make sure you feel comfartable with this guy! %26amp; FRESH BREATH!

    good lucck ;)

    xHow to kiss/ First kiss advice?
    You've planned out your first kiss?

    If this IS your little sister your speaking on behalf of, why can't YOU give her kissing advice.

    We know it's you, hon.

    Just relax. It's a natural thing.

    Gf advice, how shud I get her in tha mood to kiss during a movie?

    And also shud I dump her becuz she has more guy friends than girl friends and I think she mite cheat with someone better looking and she's always with a groop of guys and her being tha only girl so shud I dump her?Gf advice, how shud I get her in tha mood to kiss during a movie?
    my dude... stop right there. if you have to get YOUR OWN GIRL in the mood for JUST a kiss then there is something wrong. she might not be attracted to you.Gf advice, how shud I get her in tha mood to kiss during a movie?
    You sure are nervous about this date aren't you! Well! Be slow and put your arm around her and hopefully she will put her head on your shoulder. If she doesn't do that then maybe try holding her a little closer ( I suppose when the time comes you will do something natural^.^) Also! I am a girl and I have more guy friends than I do girl friends. Maybe she is just more comfortable around guys. I wouldn't worry about it. If you know for a fact she is cheating then you dump her other wise don't assume! : ] GOOD LUCK ON YOUR DATE : ]